Forex Online Trading in the United Arab Emirates: Specifics of the Forex Trading Market and the List of Top Brokers with Lucrative Bonuses up to $5000

The United Arab Emirates is an elected constitutional monarchy consisting of seven emirates located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula.

Today, the UAE is one of the largest and most important financial centers in the Middle East and the entire Gulf region: within just 50 years, the state transformed from a desert into a rich futuristic oasis. Due to its open economy, focus on the financial sector, and huge oil reserves, the UAE is one of the richest countries in the region and in the world.

Forex trading is becoming increasingly popular in the United Arab Emirates. In particular, in Dubai, as it is the most populated city in the country, a big number of these people work for reputable companies in Dubai and have high income, therefore looking for genuine investment opportunities that could increase their incomes even further.

For traders, forex markets represent a great opportunity. In the rest of the Middle East, forex income is subject to capital gains tax, but to facilitate the growth of the currency market within the region, the UAE government eliminated all taxes on forex profits.

In our new article, we have detailed the financial market of the UAE, analyzed the most popular trading instruments, and made a list of reliable and regulated forex brokers who provide their clients with profitable bonuses up to $5000.

Choose your TOP regulated forex broker in the UAE



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